Paid Surveys in Malaysia: the best sites in 2024

For Malaysians today, taking surveys for money is an extremely popular way to make a supplementary income. There are many paid surveys in Malaysia that you can take, each providing a chance to make some extra money. Most paid survey websites offer free access, so you only need to commit your time to participate.

Registering with a paid survey website means you can start taking part in surveys for big-name brands and companies. These surveys can range from giving your opinion on their products and services to providing market insights from a consumer perspective.


Paid surveys to earn money in Malaysia: How do they work?

Thankfully, the process of signing up to take paid surveys is easy. You sign up for one of Malaysia’s many paid survey sites (see below), and then the survey company will send you regular surveys to complete. You participate in these surveys, and once completed, you receive a points tally. The majority of platforms providing surveys for money in Malaysia will set a threshold for when you can request the payment. These payouts tend to come in the form of a straight cash payout or a gift card, depending on the platform.

Regardless of the payout threshold or method, though, these online surveys for money are a fast way to make some extra money on the side. Sites that offer this type of services are numerous, so it is easy to find work in this field. How much, though, can you expect to be paid if you start taking surveys regularly?


How much money can you earn taking surveys for money in Malaysia?

Naturally, the rate at which you will be paid will change depending on:

  • The number of surveys you take per day
  • The length and difficulty of the survey
  • The number of people taking part in the survey
  • The company that you are taking paid surveys from
  • The skill level required to answer the survey questions

Most of the time, a survey will take you around ten to fifteen minutes to go through. This can earn you anything from 2 to 10 Ringgit (MYR). However, you can earn more from paid surveys in Malaysia if you have a more experienced profile and thus are in higher demand from more specific, challenging surveys.

If you were to take a consistent number of surveys daily, you could earn around 800 MYR in a single month. Given the average salary in Malaysia is around 6,590 MYR, you should not expect paid surveys to be your sole income.

With all of this in mind, you want to find the most reliable and profitable paid survey websites in Malaysia. To help you do that, start with the below paid survey websites recruiting today.


The best paid survey sites in Malaysia


YouGov is a British market research company with a consistent number of members all over the world. The site offers free sign-up with a welcome bonus of 25 points.

After registering, a survey is immediately available for participants to earn points. The platform regularly sends surveys via email, covering a wide range of topics from consumer preferences to political attitudes, providing valuable insights into the Malaysian market.

As soon as a participant earns 5000 points, he can exchange them for rewards, including cash payments through PayPal or other local methods, equivalent to 70 ringgit. This rewards system is an attractive incentive for those looking to earn some extra cash from their homes.



Surveoo Malaysia is a newer but highly reliable platform for individuals looking to earn a fewthrough paid surveys.

With a plethora of surveys to choose from, users can begin answering surveys as soon as they sign up. Invitations to participate in surveys are sent directly to users’ inboxes, making it easy to stay up to date with new opportunities.

Although the payout threshold for Surveoo Malaysia is higher than some other survey panels, at around 90 Ringgit, users have the flexibility to receive their payouts via bank transfer or PayPal, or can opt to receive Amazon gift cards instead. Despite its relative youth in the industry, Surveoo is quickly gaining popularity as a trustworthy and efficient platform.



Toluna is a well-known and trusted paid survey community that operates worldwide, providing a platform for users to earn rewards by sharing their opinions.

Upon registering with Toluna, users are given a welcome bonus of 500 points, and by completing their profile questions, they can earn up to 1000 extra points. This information helps Toluna to match users with surveys that align with their interests and characteristics. Members can expect to receive several surveys each week, with rewards ranging from 3000 to 12000 points for surveys that take 10-15 minutes to complete.

In addition to surveys, members can also earn points by participating in quick polls (one question surveys) or playing games. To withdraw the earnings, members will need to accumulate at least 16,300 points, which can be redeemed for a PayPal payout of 20 ringgit or for gift cards from popular retailers such as AEON and Giant.



With a great number of opportunities to make money, ViewFruit is one of the most popular survey communities in Asia.

Users can accumulate points by completing surveys, which can then be redeemed for cash or other rewards such as vouchers and gift cards. Thanks to the payout threshold of approximately 25 Ringgit, users can quickly receive compensation for their participation in surveys and see “immediately” the fruits of their efforts.

In addition to surveys, Viewfruit Malaysia also offers users the opportunity to participate in various research tasks and product testing activities. All these make the platform a great space for those looking to get some extra money in their spare time.



Malaysia’s growing paid surveys scene is furthered by the presence of ySense. With the potential to earn up to 3,00 USD for each survey completed, ySense stands out as one of the most lucrative survey sites available.

Users can receive up to 10 survey invitations per week, giving them ample opportunity to earn rewards. Additionally, users can earn money by completing various tasks on the platform or by referring friends to Ysense. Users can make 20% of their friends’ earnings on the platform, making it an attractive option for those looking to build a passive income stream.

The platform offers a wide range of payment methods, including Paypal and gift cards. The money will hit your account in a few days. If you have requested a gift card, the delivery time is around a week.


The Panel Station

A popular choice in Malaysia for online surveys is The Panel Station. With well north of six million ‘panelists’ globally, this is one of the largest market research platforms in the world.

For every successful survey completed, members earn between 50 to 700 reward points, depending on the length and complexity of the survey. These reward points are credited to members’ TPS accounts shortly after they complete the survey. To withdraw the money earned, members need to accumulate a minimum of 3000 points, which is approximately 50 ringgits.

The Panel Station Malaysia offers users the option to withdraw their rewards via several payment methods, including PayPal, Shopee, Giant, and Grab Food. The platform is reliable and provides an excellent opportunity for members to earn rewards while sharing their opinions.



LifePoints Malaysia is an impressive platform that allows users to earn Ringgit with ease. Despite being relatively young, the platform is simple to use and offers various payment options, including Paypal, gift cards, and product offers.

LifePoints is the outcome of a merger between two major industry names – MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket. With an abundance of surveys to choose from, users can easily access them and earn rewards. Invitations to surveys are personalized to your profile and are delivered via email.

Although the platform may not have an overwhelming number of surveys, payouts start at around 45 Ringgit, allowing users to receive something in return for their time and effort relatively quickly.


Opinionworld MY

OpinionWorld Malaysia is an online survey panel that is owned by Dynata LLC, a leading global data and survey research company. It is a reliable and user-friendly platform with a lot of opportunities to make extra income.

The platform offers invitations to participate in surveys every week, giving users the opportunity to earn points for their opinions. Upon registering, users are offered a welcome survey which lasts only 5 to 6 minutes to complete and rewards participants with 25 points.

These points can be exchanged for gift cards which can be used in various stores, including Grab ride, Grab food, Lazada, Presto Mall, Razer Gold, and Zalora.  Once users earn 200 points, they can exchange them for a gift card worth 20 ringgit. However, it is important to note that it takes up to 10 working days to receive the gift card via email.


Valued Opinions

As one of the largest platforms on the internet for paid surveys, Valued Opinions is a well-recommended survey provider to join up with.

Surveys are constantly available so that members can pick up plenty of returns. Questionnaires are quick and simple, and users can feel like they are making a difference as a consumer because their feedback and insight help brands to shape the decisions they make in the future.

Members will typically be paid out using gift cards as opposed to straight cash. This can be done via gift cards for stores like Lazada, Presto Mall, Zalora, Razer Gold, and Grab Ride/GrabFood. Just so you know, though, some payouts need as little as 20 Ringgit while others can need as much as 50 Ringgit. With so many surveys to choose from, though, finding work here is not hard.



Last but by no means least is Surveyeah, an Italian-based survey company that offers its services globally, including Malaysia and other Asiatic territories.

Surveyeah values the opinions of its users and strives to provide surveys that match their interests and profiles. The amount that users can earn for each survey varies, ranging from 0.25 to 4 dollars, depending on the complexity, duration, and urgency of the poll.

Users can receive payments through Paypal and Amazon gift cards, once they accumulate a minimum threshold of 10 dollars (50 ringgit approximately) in their accounts. It is not so difficult to reach that amount taking into consideration the number of invitations to surveys they will receive.


Top tips for taking online surveys in Malaysia

While taking paid surveys can seem easy, there are some tricks you can use to expand your earning potential. To help you make sure that you can use the above platforms for paid surveys in Malaysia, try and keep the following factors in mind when you begin completing surveys:

  • Expand your horizons. Do not stick to just one survey website – there are many to choose from. You can easily find more surveys per day to complete if you were to join numerous platforms, thus giving you more variety and options.
  • Set alerts for email arrivals. You can set alerts on your email client to give you extra notifications when emails arrive from specific addresses. Add your paid survey companies to this alert list so you can answer those emails promptly.
  • Create a ‘survey time’ each day. Treat taking surveys as something that you do for an hour or two per day. This could be something you do while waiting for food or during transit: whenever it is, be consistent to increase earnings.
  • Provide authentic answers. You might think that you can just put down whatever you want on your survey answer. More accurate, truthful answers will boost your profile and popularity with survey providers.
  • Make the most of referral programs. Lastly, most paid survey companies in Malaysia offer a referral program, which means you can get extra rewards for recruiting others. Make the most of this to increase your income.

Keep the above in mind for more survey opportunities!


In Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider when taking on a job revolving around paid surveys. Anyone considering paid online surveys as part of their recurring income, though, can start more or less immediately. Join the above websites and keep our tips and tricks in mind. This should make it easier for you to maximise your returns from taking surveys.

Given that the above sites only need you to make a profile, you can get started immediately!