Paid surveys Nigeria

Earning extra money from home is possible, and one way to do so is by taking surveys online. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to get started.

Nigeria is a big country with many people, and lots of companies and institutions want to know what Nigerians think about their products or things that affect their daily lives. This is why companies are ready to pay for people’s opinions.

It’s important to know that while doing surveys can bring in extra cash, it won’t replace a regular job. In addition earnings are limited because surveys and market research studies are not always available; you will receive more surveys during some periods and fewer during others. How many surveys you get, will also depend on things like your age, where you live, your interests, and other personal details.


How much money can you earn with surveys

When you participate in polls, you can earn up to 900 NGN for each survey that takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete. It’s an excellent way that doesn’t require too much effort to make some money while giving your thoughts and opinions.

To start, you can sign up on platforms that offer surveys. Once registered, you will receive regularly surveys in your email. Before answering a survey you’ll be told all about it: the topic, the reward and the duration.

The money obtained through surveys will be available in the balance of the paid survey site you have registered and will be ready for redemption (cash, PayPal, Gift card…) as soon as you reach the threshold amount, which is not the same for all sites.

Best survey sites in Nigeria: