Paid surveys in Singapore: Best sites 2024

Earning in Singapore through paid surveys by expressing your opinions is indeed possible. Surveys for money provide an easy way to secure supplementary income, which proves especially beneficial for students, homemakers, the unemployed, or those looking to boost their earnings alongside their regular jobs. In this article you will discover all the things you need to know to deal with online polls.


Earn money with surveys

Embarking on the journey of earning through paid surveys requires a simple process. To begin, you’ll need to register on a reliable survey platform. The sign-up process is typically free and will take more less 3 minutes of your time.

Once registered, you’ll find that in most cases, you gain immediate access to surveys. These surveys cover a wide range of topics, from soft drinks and technology to politics, vehicles, and purchases. The topics you receive will also depend on your profile, which is why it’s crucial to provide accurate information when answering profile questions after signing up.

As you participate in surveys, you’ll receive weekly invitations to partake in polls. Each completed survey contributes to your earnings, and you’ll be compensated accordingly. When you reach the minimum amount required to redeem your earnings, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred method of redemption. Most survey platforms offer options like PayPal cash or gift cards.

It’s important to note that while paid surveys don’t constitute a traditional job, they present an excellent opportunity to earn extra money with minimal effort (don’t expect to become rich!). The convenience of participating from anywhere, combined with the variety of topics, adds to the appeal.

So, if you’re looking for an extra income stream, consider registering on one of the suggested survey sites below.


Best paid survey Sites in Singapore

Ipsos Isay

Ipsos iSay, operating under the Ipsos group, is an online platform for earning money through surveys.

iSay offers participants the opportunity to accumulate points and earn gift cards, starting from 550 points. These gift cards can be redeemed at various outlets including Qoo10, Grabfood, App Store, Cold Storage, Dairy Farm, Giant, and numerous others.

To amass points, participants are required to complete the surveys provided by iSay. On average, users can expect to receive multiple surveys per week, each with an approximate duration of 12 minutes. By engaging in these surveys, users not only contribute to market research but also earn rewards that can enhance their shopping and lifestyle experiences.


Surveoo SG

Surveoo Singapore stands out as a global leader in the realm of paid survey platforms, boasting a remarkable presence across 103 countries.

With over 3 million registered users and an impressive tally of nearly 20 million market studies conducted, Surveoo has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Exclusive to Singaporean residents, this platform offers an avenue to earn extra income by participating in surveys.

What sets Surveoo apart is its commitment to user satisfaction and trustworthiness. Participants can expect to be compensated in Singaporean dollars through convenient options like PayPal or gift cards, once they’ve reached the minimum payout threshold.



YouGov is a reputable survey company known for its reliable polling and market research services. When you sign up with them, you’ll receive a warm welcome gift of 50 points. Regularly, every month, you’ll be invited to participate in surveys that typically last about 15 minutes.

As you accumulate points by completing surveys, you can redeem your rewards through various payment options. These options include Paypal, virtual Visa cards, and gift cards, with the redemption threshold available when you reach 5000 points. 1000 points are equivalent to 5 Singapore dollars.

By being a part of YouGov, you not only get the chance to share your opinions but also get rewarded for your valuable contributions. The company ensures a user-friendly experience and guarantees data privacy and security.



Surveylama is an excellent alternative to share your opinion and get monetary rewards in exchange.

Upon registration, Surveylama grants a head start with a generous gift of 50 points. What’s more, completing 3 surveys per day can unlock additional bonus points, adding to the allure. The platform tailors survey compensation and duration according to individual profiles and client requirements, ensuring a personalized experience.

Surveylama’s credibility shines through, bolstered by its reliable track record. Payouts are facilitated through secure channels, including PayPal and gift cards. You will need at least 2000 points to cash out.


Toluna SG

Toluna is undoubtedly one of the top choices for earning money from the comfort of your home if you’re a resident of Singapore.

As a Toluna member, you can make money by participating in surveys, answering quick polls (1-question questionnaires), inviting friends or trying your luck on the wheel. The surveys cover diverse topics and offer rewards of up to 30,000 points. The payout for each survey depends on your profile and the complexity of the questions.

You can redeem your earnings through Paypal once you reach 81,600 points, or choose from gift cards for Cold Storage, Fair Price, Takashimaya, and SPC Petrol starting at 20,000 points. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now and receive your first 500 bonus points. Don’t miss this opportunity to earn money.


Panel Station

PanelStation Singapore is reliable platform boasting a community of over 6 million consumers actively engaged in surveys for monetary gain, presenting an excellent opportunity for supplementary home-based income.

The platform stands out for its well-remunerated surveys, regularly dispatched to participants via email. Importantly, engagement remains optional, allowing users to manage their time effectively. Surveys cover a diverse array of subjects and require 5 to 25 minutes on average to complete.

The compensation is noteworthy, with participants potentially earning up to 12 Singaporean dollars for each survey undertaken. PanelStation excels by collaborating with numerous esteemed global partners like PayPal, Amazon, Visa, and other reputable retailers. These partnerships ensure members are rewarded with a broad range of compelling incentives.